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Affordable treatment for young children

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Affordable treatment for young children

Infant abdominal pain is the biggest problem for mothers, often mothers are unaware of why their baby is crying, they think that the baby cries due to hunger and breastfeeding while In fact, the baby cries due to abdominal pain and twitching. The baby should be given before breastfeeding (one teaspoonfuls rose) and after breastfeeding (one teaspoon sympathetic bale).
This will eliminate any pain in the abdomen of the baby and in addition, rub the body slowly with castor oil and cast it in the navel.

Benefits of Buttermilk Buttermilk

Most mothers suspect that babies do not eat homemade food and prefer to eat canned foods. When a child eats these things, he is hungry and he is not interested in salmon bread, but his body is made of bread for years. This is why the baby is small, body is dry and color is yellow. To prevent the situation, feed the baby at four in the evening (half a glass of buttermilk) and do not add sugar to it.

Children’s toothache

Grapes are the cure for children’s toothache, irritability.
During the tooth age children feel discomfort due to discomfort, sometimes the discomfort is mild and babies like to stick to the mother’s lap at all times. If they are left alone for some time in the sky. If the acute toothache is severe, resin from mouth to mouth, diarrhea and sleep deprivation. Every morning in the morning (one teaspoon grape juice) to prevent the child from this discomfort. ) Giving does not make the baby cry or hurt her teeth.

(Get rid of babies)

Stomach problems are the biggest problem for young children. Stomach bugs are usually more common in children and parents do not cure them carelessly if they are not treated promptly. Can To relieve bloating in children, feed at four o’clock in the evening (fresh mint juice) and feed a few leaves. Also, applying mustard oil at the infected place of the baby at night can relieve bloating.

The habit of wetting the bed daily

If the baby urinates on the bed in the night, take it off at night (after rice) and put the baby in a cup of spoonfuls of sugar in the morning so his urine will not go out of bed in the future. After a week of rice, the child’s habit will go away. (This recipe is not meant for children under four)

Gas, constipation problem in children

Young children often suffer from gas and constipation. Breastfeeding mothers eat more when they eat poultry foods and consume more fatty foods such as lentils, potatoes, cabbage, big meat, naan, gram. Abdominal gas, twitching, and severe constipation: In such a situation, feed your baby (two teaspoons grape juice) twice a day. Gasoline and constipation is a major problem for young children. Since they often cry and do not drink milk, do not neglect this problem.

Throat Disorders In Children

An easy treatment for sore throat in children is possible with household items
Make a few leaves freshly squeezed, squeeze three slices and squeeze three times. If there is a problem with the tonsils, treat it regularly! Nowadays, respiratory and throat diseases are on the rise in young children. Do not overlook it or take timely treatment.

Children’s dry body

The dry body of children is one of the biggest problems for parents. Heat a few drops of olive oil in the sun and massage with this oil for five minutes and do not hang the baby under the wings at all. Continue this process for five weeks. This will strengthen the baby’s bones and The body will grow. Take special care of the children with their food. And the children who are beginning to become weak, have a shadow over them. Loss of baby and regret of life All mothers have to control their measles if they are small children. Or worse, if you are ahtyat children’s health and the doctor had to memorize wil take away your order

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