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 Bise Lahore 11 Class Result 2021

 11 Class Result 2021

         Bise Lahore

Result Announcement;

                                                            The result of  11 class exams will be announced on   dated     29 October 2021 .  The exam of 11 class will started from August 12th 2021 to August 26th 2021. And approximately after 2 months and 3 days the result of 11th class 2021 announced.The result of 11th class even even the student read in pre medical, pre engineering or ICS the result of all first years announced tomorrow the Lahore Federal board will announce the result the morning of 29 October 2021 At 10 P.M 

11 class result 2021 Bise Lahore

Bise Lahore;

                                   The students to find result of 1st year class will use the Google website bise Lahore by typing www.bise on this website by putting their roll number you can find there result it but a little information is that at 10:00 p.m. the website is too busy e so don’t worry  and take morale after half an hour the website is work normally and take a patience and find your result from this website again advise you at 10 o’clock the website is too busy so don’t worry and take with patience.

Lahore Board 11 Class Result History;

                        The result history of 11th class of Lahore board previous 5 years are given only on our website Following of the history of Lahore Board 11 class result previous 5 years:                                                                                        
Year          Result        Board        Announced on  
2020          11th Class        Lahore         on N/A         2019          11th Class        Lahore        10/09/2019   2018          11th Class        Lahore        10/08/2018   2017          11th Class        Lahore        10/10/2017   2016          11th Class        Lahore        10/10/2016   

Lahore Board Result 2021 intermediate FA, FSC,I.Com, ICS  Part 1;

                           The board conduct the examination for Class 11 standard based on the 22 Lahore syllabus the students which gives the papers according to the covid-19 smart syllabus the result it will be announced tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. this is the result it of the the intermediate classes FA FSC ICS and I com part 1 which gives the paper according to the smart syllabus due to the covid-19 in 2021 which starts from 12 August 2021 to 26 August 2021 and that results announced on 29 October 2021.

Rechecking Process;

                                         Students studies in the affiliated schools in the Lahore board if they do not satisfied from their schools they apply for rechecking of papers and also the students apply for the exam of compartment subjects The aur board has the authority to recheck the paper of that student does not feel satisfied with their result you know that our marks will 495 and they will obtain less than 200 marks so it is their own hand selection that they reject the paper by giving application in the Lahore board Lahore board accept that this application and going for a process of rechecking result if your marks will gain your fee of rechecking is back into your hand and your number will increases to new result and if your marks will not increase your free of rechecking the paper is not returning to your hand and the marks into your result it will not decrease but the the previous marks is considered to your result

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