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Dietary habits that help prevent kidney stones

Dietary habits that help prevent kidney stones

Dietary habits that help prevent kidney stones,Stone bladder is a traumatic disease that is not easy to treat because it can occur again. There are several causes of kidney stones, such as excessive drinking of water, the presence of patients in the family, certain foods, especially high salt and calcium intake, obesity, diabetes, stomach disorders and surgery, etc. Kidney stones can affect any part of the urinary tract, and getting out of there can be quite painful.According to Dawn, it usually doesn’t do much harm, taking painkillers and drinking too much water can be enough to remove minor stones, but if they get stuck in the urinary tract or cause complications, then undergo surgery. Have to However, following kidney stones or following the following dietary habits can be beneficial.

As noted above, drinking less water can lead to kidney stones because it is a collection of non-absorbing minerals, drinking the right amount of water is the best and natural source of these minerals. Drinking water not only reduces this stone, it also keeps the body fit and hydrated. A sign of drinking adequate amounts of water is a urine color which, if it is light yellow, assumes that the body is getting the proper amount of water, but should drink water when the color is deep.

Trichome fruit, especially potassium in lemons, is helpful in preventing calcium and other minerals from converting into kidney stones.


By the way, eggs are beneficial to health, but if an individual is suffering from kidney stones or is having symptoms, they should eat at least as the wonderful protein contained in them accelerates the process of kidney stones. Does.

The major cause of kidney stones is an increase in the amount of calcium, grapefruit increases the level of calcium, which in turn increases the risk of stones. However, experts say that excessive consumption of this fruit poses a risk, so moderate amounts of food may not be harmful, yet people undergoing kidney stones should consult their doctor.


Spinach is also very beneficial to the body, but it is harmful when it comes to kidney stones. Minerals such as oxalate increase the risk of kidney stones, so if a person has kidney stones, it is important to refrain from eating spinach.

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