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History of Lahore

History of Lahore

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and the capital of Punjab province. it like 811 miles and 1305 kilometer Northeast of Karachi in the upper indus plan on the Ravi River avtributary of the Indus

The city has had turbulent history. it was the capital of the Ghaznavid dynasty from 1163 to 1186. A Mongol army sacked Lahore in 1241.During the 14th century the city was repeatedly attacked by the Mongols until 1398, when it fell under the control of the Turkic conqueror Timur. In 1524 it was captured by the Mughal

From the death of Aurangzeb 1707 Lahore was subjected to a power struggle between Mughal rules and Sikh insurrectionists. with the invasion of the Nadir Shah in the mid 18th century. Lahore become an outpost of the Iranian However it soon associated with the Rise of the sikhs, becoming once more the seat of a powerful government during the rule of Ranjit Singh 1799 to 1839 after singh death the city rapidly deeclined and it passed is under British rule in 1849 when the India subcontinent received independence in 1947 lahore became the capital of West Punjab province 1955 it was made the capital of the newly created West Pakistan provinces which Government during the rule of Ranjit Singh the city rapidly displacement and it passes under British rule in 1849 when the India Indian subcontinent receive independence in 1947 Lahore became the capital of the west Punjab province it was made the capital of the newly create West Pakistan problems which was reconstituted at Punjab province in 1970

Lahore consist of an old city area flankrd on the Southwest by newer commercial industrial and residential areas that are in turn ringed by suburbs. The old city was at one time surrounded by a wall and a moat, but these structure have been replaced except in the north by parklands. A circular road around the ramparts provide access to the old city by 13 Gates with in the old city include the Mask of Wazir Khan and Lahore Fort a walled Complex that covers some 36 areas the food is the slapped in example of Mughal architecture it was partially built by Akbar and extended by the next three emperors. The mosque By the next three emperors. The Mosque and the fort and decorated in marble and Kashi or encaustic tile work. Other history landmarks include the Badshahi Mosque built by Aurangzeb and still one of the largest mosque in the world the 14 foot and 4.3 metre along Zam Zammah a Canon that is immortalized along with other detail of the city. Ranjit singh building and mausolum. The tomb of the.

Mughal emperor Shalimar Garden laid out east of the city in 1642 by Shahjahan as a refuge for the royal family. Jahan refuse consists of about 18 acars and 32 hectares of terraced Walled Gardens with about 450 fountains. Tye fort and shalimar Garden were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981

Badshahi Mosque

An important Educational Centre Lahore is the seat of the University of the Punjab in 1882 which is oldest University in Pakistan near the university is the Lahore Museum which houses electric collection of Arts and historical items Engineering and Technology Lahore in 1961 and various other colleges and Institute are also located in the city of Lahore

Lahore is the leading commercial banking and industrial Centre textile are the single most important industry but there are many rubber factories as well as iron steel and other miles Railway and their service links Lahore with other major cities of Pakistan 2005 EST urban agglom 8628 9000

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