Most deaths in the world

Most deaths in the world

(I wish everyone would read this post, and spread it further).
Remember that most deaths in the world are due to heart attack due to high cholesterol.
You will know many people in your own home who are overweight and have high cholesterol.
Billions of medicines to heart patients in America’s largest companies worldwide
(heart patients) are selling
But if you have any problems, the doctor will ask for angioplasty. In this operation, the doctor puts a spring in the heart tube called stent. Rs. 150 or 180).
The same stent is sold in Pak & Hind for Rs 3 or 5 lakh and is returned to you.
Cholestrol, BP ya heart attack
The main reason to come, Angioplasty operation. It never succeeds. Because the doctor who puts the spring into the heart canal is exactly like the pen spring.
Within a few months this spring, the front and back blockage (cholestrol and fat) begins to accumulate on both sides. Then comes another heart attack.
The doctor says to undergo angioplasty again. You spend millions of dollars and your life goes away.

Now read the treatment of this irod

Ginger juice –

It dilutes the blood.
It naturally reduces pain by up to 90%.

Garlic juice

Allicin present in it reduces cholesterol and BP.
It opens the heart block.

Lemon juice

Antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium contained in it cleans the blood.
They increase immunity.

Apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar)

It has 90 types of ingredients that open up all the nerves in the body, cleanses the stomach and relieves fatigue.

To these local objects (ie things)
Use it this way

1-One cup of lemon juice.
2- Take a cup of ginger juice.
3-a cup of garlic juice.
4 a cup of apple vinegar

Heat all four of them on a medium flame until 3 cups are left to cool.

now you
Mix 3 cups of honey in it.

Take 3 tablespoons of this medicine empty stomach in the morning with all of it
All the blockage will be gone. That is, the arteries will open. God willing .

You are requested to broadcast this message as much as possible so that everyone can treat it with this medication. God forbid.

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