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aulad k liye wazifa | Pregnancy k liye Wazifa

aulad k liye wazifa The Babies are the greatest gift. A human life compelet after marriage and children. If your marriage has done but problem in Pregnancy or Pregnant. You need to Read this Wazifa by Quran aulad k liye wazifa. This is a. Powerful Wazifa and a large amount …

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GNU Guru Nanak University Jobs 2022

Baba Guru Nanak University jobs Baba Guru Nanak Sikh majhab ke Pani Aur Nankana sahab ki pahchan.Baba Guru Nanak University jobs. District Nankana sahab ka naam Baba Guru Nanak ke naam se hi mansoob hai. Nankana Sahab puri duniya Mein Baba Guru Nanak aur Sikh majhab ke bani kyun k …

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3 din me rishta hone ka wazifa

3 din me rishta hone ka wazifa وظیفہ پڑھنے کا طریقہ: آپ نے جب بھی وظیفہ شروع کرنا ہے ۔تو جب یسین پڑھنی شروع کرنیہے۔ جہاں مین آجاۓ وہاں آپ نے روک جاتا ہے ۔اور 11 مرتبہ (یااللہ یا رمن یا رحیم ) پڑھنا ہے ۔اور پھر سے دوبا روظیفہ …

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When you ask for it from someone else other than Almighty Allah;

When you ask from Allah but not from the very starting.

When you haven’t seeked for forgiveness from Allah SWT from your previous sins;

When you do not know the correct methods of praying and asking from Allah SWT;

When you are making unsure or half-hearted prayers.

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