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Petrol price In Pakistan/ Today Petrol price In Pakistan

Petrol price In Pakistan/ Today Petrol price In Pakistan

Petrol price In Pakistan, The present government of Pakistan has decided not to increase the prices of petrol and diesel. Which will be applicable from 16 to April 31. The government of Pakistan will have to provide huge amount subsidy to maintain petrol and diesel prices. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif has said in a cabinet meeting on Friday that the increase in petrol prices should be rejected. Today Petrol price, He said that this measure would provide relief to the people from inflation. The fixed price of petrol will be from April 16 to 31.

Petrol Prices In Pakistan, After the decision to maintain petrol and diesel prices, the government of Pakistan will provide subsidy. Earlier on February 28, Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to keep petrol and diesel prices frozen till the budget. The levy tax on petrol prices was reduced by Rs. 10. Which was applied to the budgets of 2022 and 2023. Today Petrol price, Earlier, in a summary sent by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), petrol prices were fixed at Rs. 38.50 And a summary was sent to increase the price of diesel by Rs. 51.38 .Which were to be received in respect of Petroleum Levy and GST.

Petrol Price in Pakistan, Also if you proposed 30% general sales tax on petrol and 17% on light diesel. Which has been rejected by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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New Petrol Prices In Pakistan, In a recent press conference, the finance minister said that the former government had caused huge damage to the national exchequer by seeing subsidy at a petrol pump. He further said that the former government had incurred a loss of Rs 35 billion from the national exchequer to maintain the prices of petroleum products. If the prices of petroleum products are to be maintained till June, a subsidy of Rs 240 billion would have to be provided from the national exchequer which would be a huge loss.

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