Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card

Qaumi Sehat Card, According to the weight of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, National Health Card has been launched for the welfare of poor people who will be able to benefit from good health facilities. New Pakistan Health Card has been launched.

Naya Pakistan Health Card, In view of rising inflation where there was a lack of medical facilities, the government of Pakistan has launched a health card for the welfare of the poor people under which medical facilities will be available. Naya Pakistan Health Card Application, The National Health Care is a macro health insurance card introduced by the Government of Pakistan to facilitate health. A health care program has been launched under which citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and across Sindh can benefit from it.

Qaumi Sehat Sahulat Card Program, Under this program, citizens of all provinces of Pakistan will be able to benefit. Millions of people belonging to low-income families will be able to benefit from free and immediate facilities without any money. Qaumi Sehat card scheme 2022, Under this Health Facility Card, patients will be admitted free of charge within special aspects including their health care and services.

Sehat Sahulat Card Program, Registration will be done online to submit your application in New Pakistan Health Card and to get Health Facility Card which is available on the following website and for more information and guidance visit our this page.

Qaumi Sahet Card Registration:

Sehat Sahulat Card Program Starting Date 01-01-2022, The Prime Minister of Pakistan has formally launched the Health Facility Card on January 1. The Government of Punjab has launched the Prime Minister’s Health Card in different districts.

Sehat Card Registration, Health facility card registration has been started online under which low-income people will be able to benefit from this team. Naya Pakistan Sehat Card, The Prime Minister’s Health Program has been formally launched in collaboration with the Punjab Health Institute of Management Company. Sehat card 2022, Health card applications have started to be submitted online. Candidates from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who want to avail this facility can also call the helpline number. You can submit your application.

PM Sehat Card, Under this Nation Health Card, health services will be available in public and private hospitals for all those who will be able to avail of this benefit. In addition, in case of an accident or emergency, Farid will be able to get treatment from any private hospital or government hospital. Sehat card benefits, Patients with diabetes and kidney disease will also be provided free services for diseases such as hepatitis B and C and all types of cancer and under this health card. All those who have a health card will be able to get free treatment for parasitic diseases like coronavirus and cancer.

Eligibility For Sehat Card

Send your ID card number 8500 to all people to provide their National Health Card facility. You will receive a confirmation message. The program was launched in January 2016. In the first phase, the government of Pakistan had included four districts in which Rahim Yar Khan Narowal Khanowal Jhal had launched Health Card in Sargodha.

Sehat Insaf Card, this program, more than 80,000 poor families benefited from the National Health Card and received free treatment. National Health Card, Within this year 2020 to 2021 Punjab Government has decided to provide good health facilities to the poor and deserving families for the welfare of the people. Health cards have been started in other districts of Punjab and other measures for this. Is also doing. Sehat Insaf Card limt,

Sehat Card Treatment list.

All those who have a health card will be eligible for the following facilities: These facilities will also be provided to them.

  • In case of emergency there will be free admission in registered government and private schools. In case of fracture injury or transport, life services will also be provided free of cost.
  • Apart from emergencies, eight other major ailments will also be covered free of cost under this Health Justice Card, which includes Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Load Accident, Kidney Diseases and TB Hospital AB and C Liver Diseases.
  • Sehat Insaf Card limt, All those who have a Health Justice Card can get up to 720,000 free treatment annually under this card. In addition, the National Health Card holder said that if any member of the family who suffers from a major illness, his treatment will not be stopped due to the expiration of his insurance money. Will provide so that they can complete the treatment.
  • If a person who receives health justice card dies during treatment, his family should also be given assistance of Rs. 100,000.

Qaumi Sehat Card Healthcare Packages

Sehat Insaf Card Health Packages, According to the provisions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, two types of packages have been announced for the poor families benefiting from this card, the details of which are given below. In addition, updates are also available on the official website of the Punjab Health Program.

  1. Secondary Health Care Pakeg
  • PKR: 60,000 initial Coverage Family Per Year
  • Additional PKR:60,000 coverage family
  1. Priority Care Treatment
  • PKR: 300,000 converge family per Year
  • Additional Coverage 300,000 PKR Family

Also, visit our page for more information and guidance. Click on the link below for a list of all the hospitals registered under the Health Facility Program and also see all the details of the Health Card Benefit Treatment Pack. Click on the given link.

  • Complete hospital list under Sehat Sehlat Card Program.
  • Sehat Card Treatment Package


STEP 01: Check Your Eligibility

Send your National Identity Card number 8500 and check your eligibility for Qaumi Sehat Card Program.

STEP 02 :

Get your Sehat Insaf Card

If you are eligible under this program, you can receive your National Health Card from a health card developed in your district.

STEP 03:

Required Document For Sehat Card

  • Original CNIC
  • B- FORM ( For Children treatment)

The following documents should be taken for the Health Justice Card facility in the hospitals and government and private schools which are included in the list for the health facility program.

STEP 04:

Qaumi Sehat Card Treatment

In addition, there will be more representative controls within the given hospital for the Sehat insaf Card, which will guide you to facilitate this treatment.

STEP 05 :

Sehat Card Treatment free of Cost

All persons who have a Health Justice Card will need to be admitted to the hospital in case of emergency. The cost of admission to the hospital will be free of cost under this column and all treatment will be free.



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