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smog condition in Lahore Causes of smog air quality today

smog condition in Lahore

History of Lahore

                    The early history has given birth to many theory about the origin of the lahore. The early states of the people says that Alexander the Great has not mention any city near the lahore in his great attack at his nearest city. the city was not found at that time by the means of war or it was not so much important.Ptolemy the great historian says that there were a city which is called Labokla which is occur near the River Chenab and the Ravi River which may be developed into the modern Lahore. The chinese traveler Xuanzang gave a statement that he might saw the city with great area and very large population which he travel during his visit in 630CE which may be Lahore.

Lahore was first named by a very famous document that called Lahore by its name in Hudud al-Alam which was published in 982 CE which also publish that Lahore is a very big town which has very antique temples very large population and huge buildings and very big garden.

Lahore was the capital city in the kingdom of Akbar from 1584 to 1598. He is consider as the builder of Lahore, he build the great Lahore Fort on the basis of previous fort and create 12 gates with red bricks to close the city. Jahangir and Shah jahan improve the building of the fort built different tombs and plot garden.

Lahore was known as the Nokhar which means City of Lava in the language of Sanskrit which was discovered by the Prince Lava which is the son of Sita and Rama.

Present condition of Lahore

                              Lahore is now consider the second largest city after Karachi, it is also the stands at number 26 in the largest city of the world. Lahore is also the capital of Punjab. Lahore is also narrated as one of the richest city in Pakistan which has an Gross Domestic Product (GDP) about $84 billion as the year of 2019 it is also the city which contain most of the historical places in the whole Punjab that is why a large number of people came to see this monuments, it is also the most advance city of Pakistan which contain liberal and well educated people.

Interesting information about Lahore

                    Lahore is located on the map of the world at coordinates 31degree32’59” in North and 74degree20’37” in the East. Lahore is the separate division and District which has total 10 Zones, the total area of the Lahore is 1772 km , the type of Government is Metropolitian Corporation, the mayor of the Lahore is Mubashar Javed and the Deputy commissioner is Mudassar Riaz Malik . The total population of the Lahore is 11.13 million according to the counting of 2017.

Pollution in Lahore

                    As the lahore is very big city with great number of people living in the city, which is really very large number so the traffic in the lahore is very busy. People have great number of cars, motorcycles, buses which are polluting the air, the Government take very serious action in this regard they have introduced Metro train and Orange train which reduce the pollution to a great extent but it is not enough.

The enviroment of the Lahore becomes very unhealthy due to this change in the traffic. This condition becomes severe in Winter season due to climate changes. the air condition of the Lahore is very unhealthy and is uncontrolable. the people of Lahore is very disturb due to this. Their regular works has been disturbed due to this.Lahore is also declared as the most polluted city across the world.


      Smog is a kind of air pollution that decrease the eyesight and visibility. The term Smog was first uesd in 1900 and explain as the mix of smoke and fog. The smoke came from burning coal. Photochemical smog is produced when sunlight react with nitrogen oxide and at least one volatile organic compound in the atmosphere

Air Quality Index (AQI)

                    AQI refers to the quality of the air in the certain area, if the quality of the air is less than 100index in an area this is consider to be satisfactory but if the value cross the 100 index,  it is consider unhealthy as the index value increases the air became more dangerous and it may fatal. The people in the lahore is getting sore throat, pain in speaking headache etc. The current value of the AQI is 229 index which is considered to be very unhealthy.

Effect of Smog on the Schools

                                “School and other offices in Lahore is to remain close three days a week due to Smog”

The government has announced that the schools and the offices in the city Lahore would be shut down due to smog three days in a week . According to the notification given by the Punjab government the schools and offices will remain shut down on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of every week. This would be start from the Novermber 27 and will remain till the January 15 .

The Educational institution thought that they can be take online classes to maintain their study planning and to save the students from the loss , however the Private organizations allow the worker to work from home during the weekend.

The Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar says that the government would take every necessary action to overcome this situation like before

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