Sugar Treatment / Pancreatic Paralysis!

Sugar Treatment Pancreatic Paralysis

Sugar Treatment / Pancreatic Paralysis!

Ingredients Prescription: –
Roman spices a hundred grams
Beans acacia dry one hundred grams
Nut half a hundred grams
100g of rash burgundy
Dried thirty grams
Thirty grams
Thirty grams of gold each
Nut jam fifty grams
Clown fifty grams
About fifty grams
Seven gloves fifty grams
Fifty grams of cinnamon
Resin cooker fifty grams
Insulation white fifty grams

Grind all the ingredients and cook

Food Usage: –
One gram of milk in the morning with empty stomach and contemporary empty stomach
Have lunch hours from above
Benefits: –

  • Insulin will be delivered in ten days only
  • Fifteen days is sufficient for early diabetes patients
  • Ten days is sufficient for children’s diabetes
  • It is more useful to have flow drops
  • Gives nervous power
  • Eliminates nerve relaxation
  • Supports pancreatitis
  • Helps insulin regeneration by stimulating the pancreas
  • Speed ​​eliminates erosion
  • Improves gastrointestinal liver completely
  • Eliminates elastic material emissions
  • Keeps the body active
  • Relieves the physical nerve weakness of the diabetes patient

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